Monday, June 30, 2008

Edmonton Stiltwalkers

My 19 yr old son and his girlfriend are both stiltwalkers. Before Aaron started learning this incredible art, I had no idea that the Edmonton Stiltwalkers even existed! Aaron has been on stilts for 4 years, and Veronica (his gal) for about 6 yrs, I think. They performed in an amazing show at the Royal Alberta Museum on June 20. It's a fully choreographed story--the brainchild of Randall Fraser. It's called "Fire & Water: the Dragons Awaken". It ties in with the dragon exhibit that is running at the museum between now and September. It's an amazing performance performed in front of the front steps at the museum here in Edmonton. If you're able to go and take it in, I highly recommend it! The entire show is about 25-30 min. long, and it's FREE! I wanted to share a few stills with you!

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