Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ashley & Mike's Engagement
I agree to shoot a wedding without thinking. And in spite of myself, REALLY love the experience from stressful start to finish. And now am venturing into the wedding world yet again...

Ashley is the daughter of one of my Sister-in-law's best friends. We've known this family forever. To be honest, I'm the "new" kid on the block as far as Darcy's family goes (even after 15 years) but Ashley wants me for their wedding photog, and asks for engagement pics, as well.

The wedding is August,2011 Engagement shoot done over 2 days this September (yup, Alberta weather interfered, but honestly, worked to our benefit!)

Ashley & Mike are so great to work with, And I can't wait for their wedding!!!

Here's a few from the engagement shoot!

Boo & Mark

My friends Boo & Mark asked me to photograph them this summer. I was thrilled by the request---Boo is an amazing photog herself, so for her to trust me to record them was a huge compliment! And more than a little intimidating at the same time. We had a great time wandering through some of our city's walking trails, and shooting a small part of them in Edmonton for her to bring back to her family in Turkey!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A couple of Jeanelle & Vance

just them, and their girls :)

Jeanelle & Vance, and thier beautiful daughters

Last June I got a facebook e-mail from a gal that I had gone to Jr. High with at FSCS, and High School with at SCA. She's getting re-married, wanted to send a complete family picture (she has 3 girls, he has one) and the only time that all 6 of them were going to be together before the wedding invitations were going out was when we were going camping! They were great sports, and drove from Fort Sask. to Pigeon Lake where we were camping in spite of their tight schedule, braved the weird weather we've had this summer, and we got great family pics, right before a storm hit! It was wonderful to see Jeanelle again, meet Vance, and their 4 gorgeous girls!!! Here's a taste from their session!

Khloé's Grad

My baby girl Graduated from Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts last June. Her focus was Directing, and she is learning to be an amazing director. She casted and directed her first live play, which went on stage last March, and got rave reviews from one of Canada's top live theater directors. I'm so proud of the woman my daughter is becoming. She is strong, beautiful, brilliant and wonderful, and I'm so glad she's my girl...

4 weeks later...

Julian came home, and Darcy & I had the pleasure of completing his newborn shoot, without all of the wires and stuff that are required when baby is so early. Julian is an amazing little man, so beautiful, and such an old soul. Maria is an amazing Mommy. She's doing a wonderful job! I think you'll agree, motherhood suits her!

Well, it's time to catch up!

Our good friend Maria had her first baby this last April. Julian was born 7 weeks early, and on the day that I was supposed to shoot Maria's maternity pictures, we went to the NICU to do Julian's newborn pictures instead! He weighed only a bit over 4 pounds. This is the image Maria chose for Julian's birth announcement.